So you’ve big chopped. Now what?

Hello beloveds, I’m finally back with that post that I promised you. Guys. Blogging is such hard work. I now understand why people make money off it. Writer’s block is no joke. Anyway before I get carried away let’s talk about how to take care of your luscious hair.

This will be a 2 part post for people who have just started going natural and the 2nd post will cover those who are transitioning or wish to transition.

So you’ve just done the Big Chop & don’t know where to go from there. You head to your nearest Clicks or Dischem and head to the Hair aisle & you are just floored with the amount of choices and don’t know what to choose. Frankly I’m so so SO happy the ethnic hair section is getting bigger & bigger every year at these stores. It’s about time we get products catering for our hair on the proper market.

Having said that, it can get quite daunting in terms of what to choose. Now I’ll admit this. Being natural is expensive. And I’m a self confessed product junkie shem. As soon as I see something new and I hear raving reviews, I go out and purchase that product. I’ve been disappointed a LOT too…nevertheless it’s all part of the process of learning & understanding your hair & what it loves & hates.

You will mainly need 4 products. A sulfate free shampoo, conditioner, leave-in conditioner & a sealant (which can be a butter or oil).  The last 2 products are important for LCO or LOC. I’ll touch on these terms later.

Sulfate free shampoo is very important. Sulfates are harsh on our hair, strips it of our hair’s natural oils and makes it dry. My hair hates shampoo. Even if it’s sulfate free. Which is why I mix my own. I have never looked back ever since I started making my own and my hair is thriving on my DIY mix. How often you cleanse your hair is purely up to you. I wash my hair once a week. With all the oils that I use on my hair & scalp, it is vital that I wash it every week.

Once I’ve washed my hair I move onto conditioning. I apply it to my hair, put a plastic on my head & sit with it for an hour or sometimes overnight (sometimes I wash my hair at night and I end up feeling lazy to wash off the conditioner). I rinse it off & AIR dry my hair. I don’t own a hairdryer. Heat is the devil for me. I airdry. It’s best for my hair.

When my hair is 80% dry I then apply my leave in conditioner. Very important step. Leave in conditioner is what will moisturise your hair. Not the butter nor the oil.

When I’m done with that I apply my butter. I use light butters because my hair can’t stand heavy butters. Then I’m ready to style my hair after that. This process leaves my hair quite happy even though it’s been a trial & error journey trying to figure out what my hair loves.

Til today after close to a year & a half of being natural there are things I’m still figuring out about my hair.

Now what is LCO or LOC? It stands for Liquid, Cream & Oil and vice versa. This is important to do when after you’ve washed & conditioned your hair.

Liquid –  is the leave in conditioner. Your leave in must be water based. It usually has Aqua as it’s 1st ingredient followed by ingredients that are good for your hair. Paraffinum Liquidum & Mineral Oils are not good products. Avoid products that have these ingredients at all costs.

Cream – stands for the butter or cream that you apply to your hair. It is usually thicker than your leave in conditioner. Examples of cream are shea butter & mango butter. They are sealants. They seal the moisture from the leave in into your hair. If you apply the cream to hair that is dry, all that you are sealing in is dryness. Which is a waste of good product.

Oil – is a single or combination of oils that are formulated for either hair growth, to retain moisture in the hair or for a healthy scalp. Examples of oils for hair are avocado oil, baobab oil, grapeseed oil, castor oil (Yes, the one we were forced to drink as kids *shudders*), olive oil etc. There is a very long list of oils and their wonderful properties. I’ll do a post later on the benefits of oils.

You should always apply the leave in 1st to your hair. Now what you follow with is purely up to you. You can choose to do the cream after the leave in application & oil last or vice versa. This is where you have to ‘listen’ to your hair. Feel it as it will tell you what it does & doesn’t like. Which is why this method of moisturising is called LCO or LOC.

Thank you so much for visiting Luscious Haircare. Please leave your questions here if you need any help. Stay luscious!


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