Welcome to my hair space.

Hello! I’m so happy to get this baby up and running. Welcome to Luscious Hair Care where I talk about natural hair care & teach you (and also be taught by you) how to take care of your luscious hair. Now there will be the odd feminist rant or 2 (*straight face* LOL) but it’s all love at the end of it all…

I decided to start this blog due to ladies asking me how does one go about growing & maintaining an afro. Also they wanted to know how I took care of mine. Secondly, despite the big natural hair movement booming, a lot of people are still in the dark with regards to how to take care of hair, which products to use & my personal pet peeve, the struggling hairline *cringes*. I hate injibabs beloveds. Another thing that irritated me about what people seem to think about our hair is that it’s dirty, it’s extremely hard to maintain & the negativity surrounding our natural God-given hair.

It’s time that this stopped. It breaks my heart seeing young girls having relaxed hair due to their mothers not wanting to go through the hassle of taking care of their beautiful, kinky hair. We all have at least one story of creamy crack disasters. But this blog is not only for mothers, I also aim to share it with fathers so that they are able to take care of their kid’s hair. Notice I said kids, meaning that I’m also including boys. Not every boy wants their hair cut & would love to have a big ‘fro so why shouldn’t they honestly?

Taking care of hair shouldn’t be a responsibility solely for the mother. Fathers should take part as this is such a lovely bonding time with your child/ren.

When you think of luscious hair, the first thing that probably comes to ones mind is long, silky, thick & flowing hair blowing in the wind. Even Google gives you such images when you Google luscious hair. I like to think that my hair that my hair is also luscious. Kinky lusciousness if you may. Kinky, thick, bouncy lusciousness. Yes I said it. I love my hair and I’m highly unapologetic about it. That’s why I named the blog as such. So that we as Africans come back to embracing ourselves & not let the Western world determine the worth of our hair.

Thank you for reading and I’ll be following with a new blog post on how to take care of your hair when you have done a big chop.

See you soon! *mwah*


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